1998 Conference Papers

"Community initiatives for rural tourism development."
- Nick Taylor and Julie Warren

Paper prepared for the Third Biennial New Zealand Tourism and Hospitality Research Conference, December 1998.

Rural tourism is an important dimension of the New Zealand tourism industry. But there is little information about it, despite the large number of rural tourism operators and the potential for rural tourism to meet the needs of development within the tourism industry and rural communities. The Foundation for Research, Science and Technology has funded CRESA and Taylor Baines and Associates to carry out research on rural tourism over 1996-8. There have been three major parts to the programme:

  • A profile of rural tourism showing its geographical distribution. The data base has a total of 3,600 entries. There is a wide variety of activities.
  • A national survey of 1,000 rural tourism operators provided detailed information on the nature of these operations.
  • A series of eight community case studies.

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